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    R & D

    Dongfang owns the State-authorized Enterprise Technology Center, Post-doctoral Research Center, National Insulation Material Engineering Research Center which have been inspected and approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC. The establishment of innovation platform and the capability of technology innovation take the leading edge in China. 

    Dongfang be responsible for 16 national-level Sci-Tech projects (“863 Program”) and more than 50 provincial Sci-Tech projects.

    Dongfang sticks to the path of combination of manufacturing, studying and researching, and has cooperated with various famous universities and scientific research institutions including Chemistry Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sichuan University, Donghua University, Southwest University of Science and Technology.

    R&D team:
    ● Doctoral Supervisor
    ● Professorate Senior Engineer
    ● Ph. D.
    ● Masters
    ● R& D Engineers
    ● Test Engineers
    ● Detection engineers