Submission of Abstracts

ABSTRACT SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW CLOSED - Submitters will be notified at the beginning of October by the WAMM Events Team.
Please note we are unable to take presentation time and date requests.

Oral and Poster Presentations at WAMM 2015

The top 30 abstracts will be published in an online edition of the British Journal of Anaesthesia.

Abstracts are welcome in one of the following 7 categories

  1. Education (all aspects)
  2. Basic Science
  3. Clinical Science
  4. Equipment
  5. Audits and Surveys
  6. Quality and Safety (incorporating Human Factors)
  7. Case Reports*

The innovation award submission process is entirely separate from the abstract competition and details will be available on the website (under the innovation tab)

You may be invited to give an oral or a poster presentation at WAMM. The final decision will rest with the judges.

Posters will be displayed electronically during a designated judging session. More instructions will be sent to successful authors after the closing date.

The judging panel reserve the right to reallocate abstracts to a different category if appropriate.

All abstracts selected to be presented (oral and poster) at WAMM 2015 will be judged during the meeting.

No correspondence can be entered into with delegates who are unsuccessful submitting their work

*Case Reports: The best case reports will be considered for the international cases discussion on Saturday 14th November as part of the main programme and the authors of these abstracts will be contacted by the session chairs (Dr Paul Baker and Professor Michael Kristensen) and offered the opportunity to provide further information, images etc and invited to prepare a 5-10 minute presentation

Notice is drawn to the fact that patient consent (or institutional review board/ REC approval or equivalent) is expected for all cases submitted.

Case reports not included in the international cases session will be judged during the normal abstract judging sessions of the meeting.

Authors submitting case reports will be expected to follow the submission guidelines as below.

Information for all Authors

Presenting authors are guaranteed the early bird rate for 14 days after the results of the judging are announced. Thereafter presenters will have to pay the prevailing rate. Failure to register for the meeting by the 31st October may mean that your abstract will not be displayed at WAMM 2015

All abstracts must be submitted through the website. Delegates who do not have access to reliable internet access should contact the WAMM Secretariat as soon as possible (events@wamm2015.com, +44 20 7631 8834) and certainly before 24th July 2015 so that alternative arrangements can be made.

Abstract submission will open on Friday 1st May

WAMM 2015 will have delegates from all over the world. To facilitate travel arrangements WAMM realise that earlier notice allows delegates more flexibility to make travel arrangements. For those who submit their abstract by 23:59 hours BST on Friday July 24th, notification will be given on August 3rd whether or not the abstract has been accepted. Nonetheless these abstracts will not be finally judged until after the absolute closing date below (ie presenters will not be disadvantaged).

Abstract submission will close completely to all entries Friday 4th September at 23:59 Hours (BST)

The official language of the conference is English and all abstracts must be submitted in English.

Work that has been previously published or work previously presented at a major meeting will not be considered for presentation and authors will be asked to sign a statement to that effect.

[Working guide: abstracts that have formally been published in a journal (eg by the ESA in the EJA, or the ESICM in Intensive Care Medicine or by the Association of Anaesthetists in Anaesthesia) should not be resubmitted. Abstracts that have simply appeared in conference booklets or been presented at regional meetings are welcome.] If you have any doubts about this then please contact the abstract subcommittee ASAP events@wamm2015.com

All abstracts forwarded to the BJA for publication must meet their ethical standards. (see here http://www.oxfordjournals.org/our_journals/bjaint/for_authors/general.html). All authors should aspire to this. In general overview, patients should not be identifiable. Clinical research should have ethical approval and patient consent. Mannequin studies should have individual consent and institutional (Research Ethics Committee or Institutional Review Board or similar) approval. Case reports should have signed patient consent (and institutional approval if appropriate) - although this should not be forwarded with the abstract.

Any potential concerns with the ethical aspects of a potential abstract should be raised at the earliest opportunity with the abstract team events@wamm2015.com.

Please take the opportunity to read guidelines on abstract submission published in a recent DAS Newsletter.

Abstracts written primarily by medical students/ anaesthetic nurses and anaesthetic assistants are welcome.

The grade of all authors should be included in the text box on the submission website

Instructions for all Authors

All abstracts should be submitted as plain text, rich text or Microsoft Word format. Please also send a high resolution image separately as jpg or gif file.

The abstract submission system will allow 2,500 characters in the main body of the abstract. The title (150 characters) references (500 characters) a table or figure and the author names are added separately.

  • Abstract title
  • All authors’ initials and last names and place where work was carried out
  • The text of the abstract should not contain headings, but should follow the general progression through background, methods, results, conclusions. The methods should include a statement of ethics
  • (Case reports should follow introduction, case or cases, discussion and learning points in the same way). A case report should end (before the references) with a statement about the consent given by the patient
  • Use a blank line to separate paragraphs
  • If you are copying and pasting your abstract into the submission system please note that line breaks will not necessarily be preserved
  • One table or figure is permitted, this should be incorporated into the document and the text should be reduced accordingly to accommodate it within the allowance
  • If a figure is used, ensure that a figure caption is provided within the abstract document. [The figure will be reduced in printing; please do not use any font in the figure smaller than your text font.]
  • References are listed and cited as specified by the British Journal of Anaesthesia (http://www.oxfordjournals.org/our_journals/bjaint/for_authors/general.html), no more than five references should be included. The title should be omitted. If reference has more than 6 authors, then list the names of first 3 authors followed by et al.
  • Please acknowledge any source of funding for your study at the end of the abstract
  • Please include the following statements in the text box on the abstract submission website as appropriate:
    • I confirm that all authors listed have contributed to the work and support the submission of this abstract
    • This study received ethics committee approval or was conducted under the Animal (Scientific Procedures) Act (1986) (include licence numbers) or equivalent” [list the ethical approval granted or that patient consent has been obtained. In the event of the presentation involving a deceased individual cases should have been considered by an ethics committee similar.]
    • You should affirm that the work has not been published or previously presented at a major meeting

Please note that authors whose work is forwarded to the BJA for publication may have to amend their abstracts as requested by the journal.

NB Instructions on the presentation of abstracts will accompany the final judging decisions.


Will be awarded for the top oral presentations. Prizes will also be awarded for the top poster presentations in each category.

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